I am all people whom I met

I live in Saint Petersburg from 2009 but my job give me the chance to travel all over the world.

I'm art director and founder of the OIOIOI Art Gallery based in Moscow and ATTOLINI Studio Atelier based in Spb.

I am set designer, video makers, light designer, costume designer and expert in communication above and below the line
I'm an international artist, quoted by Hounce of Venison member of Christie in 2008 and my works are included in many public, museal and private collections. In 2011 I'm in the small restrect group of 4 italian artists whom partecipate in Venice and Moscow Biennale at the same time. In the 2012 my work was exhibited in Timesquare during the amazing event called "Art takes Time Square". I believe that Life is a Work of Art and All life of All people can be a work of Art. I am all people whom I met and I try to say this every day.


Work experience in visual communication.
Team oriented and self directed.
span in human resource management
Used to tight dead lines.
Problem solving and can do attitude.
Languages: Italian, english, french, spanish, russian.


Adobe premiere
Adobe After Effects
Adobe In design
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop

Company Work Experience

2009 - 2012 OIOIOI International Art Gallery
Saint Petersburg - Moscow
Art Director. Selecting Artists, Recruting Designers, Organizing and setting of gallery exhibitions supported by traditional supports and multimedia. Supervising of all communication products. Coordinating 21 people.

2002 - 2009 Gruppo Norman
Milano, London, Monte-Carlo
Consulting and "brainer" in Bruxelles real Estate sector
Video executive director of Gruppo Norman coordinating 5 people
Creative Director of Norman Brain coordinating 7 people
Creator and Founder of Medialab, communication division of Gruppo Norman. Coordinating 5 people.
Creative Director of Mandarino "house horgan" of Gruppo Norman
Director of Osservatorio of Saint Peterburg

Supervising of all a/b line graphic products and web sites, design for: brochure, corporate documents, advertising material, posters, leaf lets, presentation, logotype and communication corporate of:
Norman 95 S.p.A.: Company Holding. Milano, London.
Arthur S.r.l.: Real estate agency, Milano.
Agedi S.a.m.: Real estate agency, Montecarlo.
Gladstone S.p.A.: Real estate agency, Sansicario.
Frittomisto S.r.l.: Restaurant chain, Sansicario.
MissMass. Events. Italia.
Formula Imola S.p.A.: Imola International Race truck.

Creator of Galleria in Galleria the biggest exhibition in a European underground in Europe involving 15 metro stations of Milano Coordinating 27 people.

2001 - 2002 INCENTIVE SPA
Director office in Bruxelles.

2000 - 2001
Stagiare in European Commission EAC. project MEDIA PLUS and Festival of Cinema


2010-2012 Russian Language
Lesotekniceskeij University

2007. Leadership, stress management, problem solving, time management. In-house course.
Grupponorman, Milano

2006. Project management. In-house course.

2002 Grant for Leonardo studies
B.I.C. Calabria

2001-2002 Master in theory and practise of art and audiovisual
Academie Royal des beaux art de Bruxelles

2000. Graduate in Scenography. Accademia di Belle Arti

1998 - 1999. Grant for Erasmus studies.
Peinture Monumental
Land Art
Art in public spaces
Editing video
Academie Royal des beaux art de Bruxelles

1996 - 1997. Post Diploma in Marketing Sportivo
Presso ENAIP ENTE PRIVATO a sovvenzione pubblica.

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