Francesco Attolini has been appointed Communication Director of Vitha Group

Francesco Attolini has been appointed Communication Director of Vitha Group Vitha Group was formed in 2011. After about twenty years of militancy in the service of an American company, the group of Italian entrepreneurs decided to join forces and create a new and autonomous business reality. The hard core therefore has more than 30 years of work side by side. The aim was and is that of using national resources and products, retaining the wealth generated within our nation, making our systems and our modus operandi available to the world. Vitha Group Abruzzo Vitha Group is based in Abruzzo, and almost exclusively includes Made in Italy products. It has coffee production facilities and personnel chosen from local human resources. Each branch open in the area employs consultants, secretaries, warehouse workers, technicians, telephone operators, all selected from the people who live in those respective areas. The main objectives of the company are: - Increase the work. - Offer business opportunities. - Offer a choice of products and services of the highest quality. Values ​​and philosophy VITHA GROUP S.P.A is undoubtedly one of the oldest companies operating in the direct sales sector, operating today in Italy and in Europe. It was born as a 100% Made in Italy project, created from the idea of ​​a group of entrepreneurs with thirty years of experience in the sector, who in 2010 decided to create a commercial company, which would offer an added value to the traditional concept of direct sales commonly known. In fact, the Group intends to use the sale of its products not as a purely economic purpose, but as a means for the training and professional development of the people who join it. The VITHA philosophy revolves around the training course of its consultants, which involves a process of five distinct and differently remunerated phases: 1) First training in the field for the acquisition of commercial knowledge. 2) Second training for managing a small team. 3) Learning the selection and training of the new sales force. 4) Management of large work groups. 5) Management in complete autonomy of a real dealership, which in turn becomes a training "school" for new recruits. The path therefore begins with the selection of a candidate looking for a job and ends with the production of a new entrepreneur, perfectly autonomous and independent, who offers work to new candidates in his own city. To facilitate the sale in the initial steps, Vitha Group relies on high quality goods with already strong market demand. The focus is on health and prevention, with latest generation devices, usable by everyone. The Vitha project stands on the following cornerstones: 1) Zero investments. 2) Zero risks. 3) Pure meritocracy. 4) Training of own managers from the inside 5) Career open to all without limits of ascent. Vitha Group aims to provide the end customer with the best that the market can offer in the field of health prevention and protection. Accompany the customer in the various phases of his day with our consumer and durable products. In the morning Vitha Group is there when you wake up with an excellent Vitha espresso with our brand The Coffy Way. Providing a boost of energy with the incredible properties of Mangosteen. Vitha Group makes sure that our customer drinks pure, filtered water throughout the day through state-of-the-art micro filtration systems. Vitha Group assists the customer all day, step by step, with its antalgic insoles in its shoes. He takes care of the air his family breathes at home, making available the Active Pure technology developed by NASA, which now, thanks to authoritative tests conducted in the USA, has been shown to be effective on the Covid-19 virus. equal to 99% abatement, within the first 3 minutes of exposure. With the Beyond Guardian Air and Pure & Clean the best products in the world for the sanitization of air and surfaces. At the end of the day Vitha Group lets its customers rest on the viscoelastic rest systems, accompanied by the antalgic mat, for a perfect and regenerating rest. In order to protect his health and make the best choices in the medical, nutritional and sports fields, Vitha Group offers the most advanced genome sequencing test in the world, which will lead the client towards the most correct setting of his habits, based on what his own DNA suggests. Vitha Group Accompany and pamper our customer for all his 24 hours. vithagroupferrari.com vithagroupforbes.com vithagroupspa.com vithagroupcapsule.com vithagroupbeyond.com vithagroupcontatti.com vithagroupfondatore.com vithagroupnasa.com vithagrouppureandclean.com vithagroupitalia.com vithagroupcarriera.com vithagroupindi